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Ready for More?

Scroll down to learn more about our classes! All classes are both virtual and in person and include three amazing guides to help you (1) perfect the look (2) have the right products to achieve the look (3) keep your makeup bag clean and sanitized


All about Eyes

Did you love the step by step guide? Are you ready to go deeper? Receive in depth feedback on technique, product placement and color choices!

Full Face in 5

Learn my signature 5-5-5 method on how to achieve a flawless everyday face in just 5 minutes! 

Flawless brows

This class is all about brows, learn the products you need and the techniques to use to make sure your brows are flawless everytimes!


1-on-1 Classes

Learning with friends can be fun but sometimes you want some time to yourself. This is a great way to focus on YOU. We talk about your needs, your eye-shape, your skin type and how YOU can achieve your desired look every time. Everything in this class is customized to you. To book schedule a 15 discovery call to discuss your makeup goals!


All Classes Include

1. A take home guide with photos and detailed steps. This guide is the perfect reference book for you when practice at home

2. Product recommendation guide. Not sure what to buy? This comprehensive list shares all my favorite brands and products that I use on all skin types and tones!

3. Product Expiration Guide. Ever wonder when it's time to throw a product away? This guide is a great tool to make sure your makeup bag stays safe! 

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