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Put your best face forward this CIAA weekend with our on-site beauty services!!  In town to cheer for your favorite team, speak on a panel or host an event? Take time to pamper yourself each day by booking a relaxing makeup appointment that will keep you camera ready throughout the day. Whether you love full glam, subtle elegance or like to mix it up we have you covered.

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CIAA Weekend

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Meet the Artist

Kaye Guidugli

Kaye, pronounced like the letter "K", is a professional makeup artist based in Baltimore. Trained at the Bennet Career Institute in Washington, DC, Kaye has had the privilege of learning from industry greats like Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks, the late AJ Crimson, Nicky Posley and Carol Rasheed.


Believing that each person who sits in her chair is uniquely and beautifully made, Kaye prides herself on enhancing each clients natural beauty in a way that brings out their personality and matches the event they are attending. 


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