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Disinfection protocols and COVID -19

Scroll for more information regarding how we kept/keep our clients safe in the ongoing pandemic

Makeup Services

Disinfection protocol for mobile and in studio:

  • Surfaces and tools are wiped down with Barbicide and Bactronix Cosmetic Complete Care (C3)* between clients

  • Brushes are never "spot cleaned" between clients. After use they  are deep cleaned (washed, shampooed and disinfected) before next use. 

  • Disposable mascara and lip wands or brushes are used for mascara, lip gloss and potted lipsticks. We never double dip.

  • Lipsticks are disinfected before use and then "cut" after use. The "cut" of lipstick is then offered to the client as part of their lip touchup kit. 

*C3 is a hospital grade non toxic disinfectant that was added to the disinfection protocol routine during COVID. This product is effective for 24 hours after use (similar to microban) but is safe to use directly on cosmetics, similar to traditional sanitizing sprays. 

COVID procedures for mobile services: 

  • Client must provide a clean, hard service for the artist to work from (table or counter top)

  • The artist will use a hospital grade disinfectant (C3) to disinfect the surface prior to set up

  • Masks are required. Everyone who enters the room where makeup services are being provided must wear a mask at all times unless the Artist has asked them to remove their mask in order to be serviced. Please do not have food, drink or other activities that require people to take off their mask in the room where services are being rendered. The Artist reserves the right to cease services immediately if persons are not adhering to this policy the client will not receive a refund of any monies

Lash Services

Lash extensions are kept in air tight containers. All tools are disinfected with Barbicide wipes and sprayed with C3 disinfectant between services. Disposable headrest covers and exam table paper are used for each clients to ensure a clean and safe environment.

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