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Dear Diva,


Please excuse the car selfie, I tend to be camera shy. This is why my job of making you camera-ready for every event life throws at you is perfect for me. I’d rather stay behind the scenes and watch you shine. 


I know what it means to be a busy professional wearing many hats and striving to excel in every area of life.  As women, we are so frequently judged by our appearance before persons attempt to evaluate our intellect. Your “look” or makeup application does not have to be an additional thing that you stress about before taking headshots, presenting at a meeting, attending a gala or celebrating your awesomeness.


So what do I do? I offer customized looks and packages that allow you to put your best face forward at all times. This can be achieved through a one-on-one consultation where we go through your makeup bag, perfect how you are using your products and receive product recommendations (personal shopping available). We can also do this through makeup application appointments and packages to ensure that you are CNN ready, bday poppin’ and everything in between. I offer easy online scheduling and service agreements so that you always know what to expect AND I’ve curated special packages and offers just for you (can you say 60% off?? who doesn't love a good deal?)! Unlock your "Buy Melanin Swag Bag Exclusives" by completing the form below!!

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